17 June 2015. This past weekend, One For The Boys (OFTB) held their annual Fashion Ball at the Roundhouse in London. Hosted by OFTB Chairman, Samuel L. Jackson, the event brought together stars from the worlds of fashion, film, sport, TV and comedy, all in support of raising awareness of male cancers.

OFTB was created by Sofia Davis as a tribute to a good friend who passed away from a Brain Tumour. Through her loss, Sofia realised the importance of educating men on the signs of Cancer so they can get checked and diagnosed earlier, which could help avoid these losses in the future. OFTB was set up not only to help raise awareness of male cancers but also to raise funds for male cancer education, treatment and care.

MONOGRAM CEO Milena Ivanova serves as a trustee of OFTB. On getting involved she said, “I was inspired by the dedication and passion of OFTB founder and CEO, Sofia Davies, to make a real difference and to save lives by raising awareness of male cancers and the importance of early diagnosis. I could instantly connect to Sofia’s drive as I was touched by the C word when two male friends were diagnosed with Cancer – one of them was lucky to survive but the other wasn’t and left behind two young children and a wife. In both cases I could see the pain and regret for not being aware of the early signs and not making the small step of checking oneself which could have made all the difference between life and death. If we pull our efforts and energy together we can make a big difference to the lives of boys of all ages and the people around them who love them. “

There are many ways to get involved with the OFTB. Please go to their website http://www.oftbunite.com/ to find out how to get involved.

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Pictures from the One For The Boys Fashion Ball 2015 at The Roundhouse on 12th June 2015.