A bit of corporate history

Monogram has been through something of a journey of late, and this may have baffled those who started out with a keen interest in our progress. Perhaps the best way to depict this may be pictorially, we thought. A lot of corporate change, one might observe, since 2015, we realise, so in the interests of transparency, which is one of our stated aims, we show below a picture of where we have been.

JGH whose instigation initiated these changes was John Hemingway, who passed away in 2020. The company now has Alan Ewart at its helm, and increasingly through his involvement in the implementation of these changes, Charles Gillams has gradually acquired an interest in the company.

We are pleased that we retain the goodwill and co-operation of all parts of the management team, both from RMG and Monogram. In particular, the work of Daniel Granja, our portfolio manager, continues to be effective and important in how we progress.

Milena Ivanova, whose IP and corporate name came with the acquisition retains shares in Monogram, and a board position as a non-executive, not to mention a position in our investment committee.

To our pleasure and relief, the model is working well as we update this page in April 2021.