About us

We are a privately held investment manager, operating currently as a family office, and open to new investors. The fund managers are Charles Gillams (as a part of the investment committee led by Stephen Thomas) for the Monogram model, and Mark Lynam & Charles Gillams working jointly for the VT ICF UCITS fund.

How we work

All of our assertions and actions are supported by rigorous and robust research. By analysing past data we have developed an innovative approach to investment that can identify and avoid episodes of severe market drawdown and provide sustainably superior returns. We are cautious investors, seeking capital preservation and a modest return in volatile markets

What we do

Our business consists of two activities.



We have a Momentum Fund, which offers its PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT clients AND FAMILY OFFICE PROFESSIONALS one of two products, as instructed – one offers active allocation with passive implementation, and the other offers active allocation, with active stock selection. The appropriate investment product is decided upon by our clients, depending on their own interest in following the performance of their portfolio, and their levels of sector expertise. Differing levels of engagement with the management of funds make one or the other a more suitable product for each client.

Further details on how this works in practical terms, including charging structure, are on this page.

Our investment attitude overall requires a pragmatic, transparent and practical approach to identifying the nature of the current situation (we prefer to “observe and infer” rather than forecast outcomes) in asset markets, and uses this to allocate between asset classes. Our approach combines secular valuation elements with cyclical elements to enable us to capture, and hold market gains over the course of the investment cycle.

We are committed to putting our client interests first and prudently investing their money. We design and manage portfolios with this in mind.

Before you choose to invest, you might like to download and listen to a ten minute audio, where Charles Gillams explains as many aspects of this model, including tax and currency. We do invite potential investors to familiarise themselves with this.


We offer to our clients opportunites to invest in a GLOBAL TOTAL RETURN FUND for which we are the investment adviser. This is the VT GTRF.  Its purpose, like that of our Momentum fund, is capital preservation primarily, for which it retains a place in the TOP 5 RATING on the Lipper Leader metrics. Being a UCITS eligible for ISAs and SIPPs, it is ideal for the SMALLER investor coming in through their IFAs – it has a minimum investment of £1000.

Here is a link to the page showing you how to invest, and the latest newsletter, showing strategy, key holdings, changes since last month, risk levels and all pertinent details, for the IFA to give advice.