ALL QUIET: Covid and UK Property

A brief glance at an excellent first half for investors:  thoroughly “risk on” for the first quarter, but a slower but still an upward grind thereafter. Not that such arbitrary dates matter. What does count is what can make it kick on from here? Covid patterns So, first a glance at COVID, or rather our… Continue reading ALL QUIET: Covid and UK Property


MCM in house collage

Easter neatly finishes off the first quarter too, how is the world doing? A mixed bag really, although for many of us, perhaps better than we expected. MERKEL AND MACRON MIGHT BE RIGHT Although I am afraid, we have moved from the tub-thumping section on the Astra Zeneca vaccine, into more of the dry analytical… Continue reading END OF TERM REPORT

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First posted on 10th January 2021 Attempting to comment on the last few weeks seems largely futile, save perhaps for the apocryphal remark attributed to Chinese premier Chou En Lai, that ‘it is too early to tell’, when asked about the impact of the French Revolution. We suspect the markets are a little too relaxed… Continue reading MUST THE POOR BE CLEAN?

A Startling Infinity Pool

First posted in January 24 2021 There are a few investment quandaries this week. The first, tactical, one is that while we largely think we, (along with most market participants) ‘know’ that markets are going up this year, we can’t overcome the feeling that this is somehow wrong. It is of course the difficulty in… Continue reading A Startling Infinity Pool

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Some Big Calls

First posted on 7th February 2021 US Markets: The ‘no-Trump’ response We may learn a little about markets from the curious absence of Trump. We had been confidently told that without him the US stock markets would fold, and as US markets collapse, these days so do global ones. Indeed, not just relying on the… Continue reading Some Big Calls