Before you invest – Charles Gillams is interviewed

Monograms performance in the context of the pandemic

Listen to Charles Gillams, CEO explain the Monogram model and how it has performed during the COVID-19 crisis – first lockdown period DURING THE 20% DROP IN MARKET LEVELS.

Charles Gillams describes the investor’s journey in just over ten minutes – covering a range of related issues, including the role of an IFA, reporting, currency and tax and also touches on what investors can expect in the current (COVID-infected) markets

Question timings are set out below for ease of navigation

11.5 seconds – do I need to come to you via an IFA?

1.00 minute– what kinds of costs would I have with an IFA which I would not from you?

1 minute 30 – You have done your assessment, and assume I qualify – what would be my investment journey – how long would I have to wait before my money started being managed by Monogram?

What would the steps be in between?

2.00 minutes– managed within an existing ISA

2 mins30 – opening new account

3 minutes 10 secs – how long does that process take?

3 minutes 40 – need for backing documentation?

4 minutes 40 – now decided to go with your existing nominee account provider. What happens next?

Reply covers the Nominee Account opening process for getting the money into place

5 minutes 10 sec – once the money is in, when do I next hear from you? What do you do?

Reporting frequency is touched on.  Investment procedure is covered in reply to ‘what do you do’?

What would happen if you invest now is also covered, in terms of market timing.

6 minutes 50 – Presuming that I would hear from you monthly?

In reply, description of what the investor would expect to see in the reports.

7 minutes 30 – Question about what proportion of my portfolio should be placed with something like the monogram model?

7 minutes 50 seconds – suggests that we cover taxation, and does so, in terms of what tax related reports are sent

9 minutes 30 seconds – suggests we speak about what currency I might wish to invest in, and the considerations surrounding this

Speaks for another minute and a half, where the interview ends.