MonograM model – performance – newsletters

The MonograM momentum model’s performance is monitored monthly by our investment committee, and these newsletters give a snapshot of how the model performed each month.

In each of these newsletters our performance is compared to those of others – we use household names like Aviva and Invesco as well as specialist funds like Ruffer and Carmignac as benchmarks. See this example from May 2021.

This is a table which shows how the monogram momentum model comparies its own performance

In the interests of maximum transparency, the MonograM model sets out its holdings proportions for the previous month.

On the second page of the MongograM model newsletter for investors is usually a commentary about the kinds of factors which led the investment committee to make the decisions it did.

For the latest newsletter see our performance page.

The rest of the newsletters, starting in February 21 (covering how we did from January 2021) are downloadable from the buttons below.