VT-GTRF past newsletters

VT GTRF newsletters are produced monthly. Download them from the buttons below. They start in January 2021. For previous newsletters please contact us.

Recently, the VT GTRF has been given a five star rating by Morningstar. See its ratings page here.

The VT GTRF Newsletter has these sections :

  • 10 year graph
  • strategy statement covering philosophy and fund composition
  • Risk profile section – showing the extent to which holding VT GTRF is NOT like holding the market as a whole, aiding our investors’ portfolio allocation
  • Key documents links
  • How to invest
  • Top 3 and bottom 3 holdings in the last month

Lipper, the ratings agency, categorises the VT GTRF as top category (Lipper 5) for capital preservation, giving an indication of its function in an overall investment strategy.

Download the annual report and accounts to 31st March 21 from here.

Charles Gillams was appointed adviser to the VT GTRF late in 2019. Monogram co-manages the fund with Mark Lynam. See manager details on our team page.