How to invest in the VT GTRF

A guide for IFAs and Professional Investors only.


The VT Global Total Return Fund (GTRF) is best accessed through your usual broker.

You will find it on several platforms, including Allfunds, Ascentric, AXA Elevate, Cofunds Inst (now Aegon), Pershing, Transact, AJ Bell, CS Direct, Halifax Share Dealing, HL Vantage & Killik & Co.

Objective & Strategy

This is a UCITS-compatible Fund with SIPPs and ISAs, so it is ideally positioned for IFA recommendation to clients, considering their particular goals and risk appetites.


  • Aim for long-term capital preservation

Our strategy:

  • We are going to be picking both good active managers and carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds, with an element of holdings investors would not normally access
  • We will own both hedge funds and traditional balanced funds to seek to reduce volatility as a material part of the portfolio
  • We will also seek higher performance through an element of faster-growing companies and large private equity portfolios
  • We believe that this approach works better than a buy and hold approach in volatile markets
  • Furthermore, a change in the zeitgeist is here and investors need to be better equipped to survive some spectacular market shifts from global and political change. Our exposure to Ethical, Social and Governance instruments and Global portfolio will address this ever shifting landscape.

Application form

VT Global Total Return Fund Application Form Class F. When you access the download, scroll to the last page of the download to find the application form.

Our partnership with ICF Management and the VT Global Total Return Fund.

We were appointed advisor and co-manager to the VT GTRF in November 2020 by Mark Lynam, proprietor at ICF Management – a successful family office fund manager since the 1980s, who has been responsible for its historic success – he is now advised by Charles Gillams of Monogram.

The fact sheets give you further details about our investment strategy and how we have been performing. We would urge you to read as many of the fact sheets as you can to make an informed decision about whether to invest.

Fund ratings

We retain the high ratings (meaning top 20% in capital preservation) in the Lipper and MorningStar Metrics. What does this mean, however, one might ask?

Lipper’s own methodology is available to view yourself, on what to make of this rating system and structure. Please read it and let us know whether this helps you understand what we do.

  • MorningStar highly rates the VT Global Total Return Fund
  • Lipper, the ratings agency, categorises the VT GTRF as a top category (Lipper 5) for capital preservation, indicating its function in an overall investment strategy.

Further reading

Please read the prospectuses if you are an IFA or other adviser and/or recommending our fund to a retail customer.

If you are a professional investor, we do recommend reading the prospectuses in full, together with their accounts.