Working with Professional Investors, Private Wealth Managers,Family Office Advisors, Pension Funds & Legal advisers.

Partnering to support your client's wealth

Choose Monogram. A company which is there to provide a different strand to portfolio diversification. We have a proven track record and commitment to focusing on steady returns on investment, often out-performing the market.

Professional Investors

Looking for stability and long-term investment success for your clients? Partner with us to address their wealth challenges and achieve meaningful results that surpass short-term market fluctuations.

Family Office Advisors

Elevate your financial guidance with a Capital Investment Partner that aligns with your client’s goals. Our expertise and personalised approach deliver stable returns, reduced risk, and peace of mind for you and your client.

Private Wealth Managers

Offer your Ultra High Net Worth private clients stability and reduced risk with a Capital Investment Model & Fund that prioritises smart investment strategies and risk management. Partner with us to deliver peace of mind to your clients.

Pensions & Charities

Enhance the value of a pension fund by investing in a low-volatility, Targeted Absolute Return Fund. Our approach prioritises stability and long-term returns, reducing your customers’ retirement savings risk. We’re committed to delivering results for your pension fund.