Information for IFAs

The Basics

We are specialist fund managers in the absolute return space, and we deal exclusively with elective professional investors; we encourage retail investors to approach us through their independent financial advisers.

Our two funds are the MonograM Model Fund (learn more about this fund here) and the VT Global Total Return Fund UCITS (learn more about this fund here).

Our Experience and Outcomes

We also undertake research on the absolute return sector (we are happy to provide copies of our analysis documents – simply go to this website’s contact page and get in touch), which shows that the vast majority of absolute return funds are inferior in their returns to our simple passive MomentuM model. At a time of heightened FCA interest in client outcomes, we think that FCA advisers should be asking much more about outcomes, and indeed asking if a simple model might perform better within client portfolios.


Alongside the MonograM Momentum Model, we are also advisers to the VT Global Total Return Fund.

As such, we are involved on both sides of the age-old division between systemic/passive and active investing. Each type has its advocates, and each type has periods of outperformance: to have both is therefore essential.

The VT GTRF UCITS aims to have volatility below two-thirds of the S&P 500. As a UK UCITS, it is also more readily available to clients, in a recognized industry format.

Who might need exposure to our products?

MCM is always happy to discuss the Absolute Return sector with clients, either in person or over Zoom. We are small and specialist, but with a great deal of experience in this area, and a fascination with the field. Our commitment to our clients is important to us – it means we won’t simply park their investments in poorly performing mega-funds.

If you would like to get in touch, please see our contact page here.

How to Invest

The VT Global Total Return Fund is a UK based UCITS with daily dealing. Find it on all good platforms or by direct application to VT.

The MonograM Model is offered as a managed account, through two service providers:

  • Jarvis Investment Management (JIM), for accounts under £100,000 in Sterling only.
  • Archer Daniel Midland (ADM, a S&P 500 Company) for accounts over £100,000 in either Sterling or Dollar holdings.

The holding is always held in the investor’s name, but will be managed by Monogram Capital Management. If you would prefer to operate it through an existing account we can provide this too. Clearly this option allows you to retain all client contact, with our involvement simply being on the fund management side.

For bespoke models costs may vary and depend on how many versions you require, how many clients use them, the AUM and over what time period.

However we regard a passive, low dealing, ETF-only product as inherently amongst the lowest cost options on the market.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or thoughts about the MonograM Model, the VT GTRF UCITS, our research on the space, or a request for a private briefing for your firm or colleagues, please do get in touch with Charles Gillams via our contact page here.

We look forward to hearing from you.